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Wine Tasting & Sensorial Experience

Food and Wine is our passion. Inspired menus, excellent service, and creativity are at the core of our beliefs. Without rival, every-day our creative team and expert partners work together to create an ongoing first of its kind wine tasting & sensorial experience that explores the boundaries of flavor and heighten the experience. We source the local finest, seasonal and sustainable ingredients and pair them exquisitely with the most suitable and much sought-after wine, for a sensorial experience designed to complement the character of the Club.


La Cantina di FUCINA, is a world-class Sicilian wine cellar with a collection curated by our expert team of sommeliers. The best wines from selected vineyards and local producers ensure our members a wide range of choices, from everyday wine drinking to rare bottles for their private cellars.

To order wine from our cellar or to speak directly to our Cellar team, please email.


Full of charm and rich in heritage, The Kitchen Table located inside the 16th century historical kitchen of Palazzo Mazzarino in a unique and contemporary art space, is exactly as it sounds, a home inspired kitchen for those round-table meetings, reunions, afternoon tea, show cookings, celebrations or intimate conversations.

Aperatif tasting

Wine and Street Food
The perfect combination for celebrating Sicilian life inside the historical kitchen of the Fucina Social Club.
We accompany our guests in a nostalgic journey of street food – a taste of the city and a delicious preview in the magical theatre of Sicilian food.
The event is carried out with selected labels which will lead guests through the brands of the most important Sicilian Farmers.
In every bite, a leap into the vibrancy of street food, with ‘panelle’, ‘arancine’ and the best of Palermo’s fried cuisine.
In every sip, continued influences and sensory references to nature from the best labels of the territory.

Wine and Tasting Boards
A tasting experience becomes unforgettable when every ingredient expresses the best of the territory and every label shows the history of those who take care of the product with love. With our aperitifs and tasting session as, guests will be entertained with an intense and seductive experience with three recommended Sicilian wines (selected by our own sommeliers), in addition to our popular, local chesses and cured, mature meats.


The brunch in the historical kitchen of Fucina Social Club amplifies the Sicilian gastronomic experience. In this location, time seems to stop, and the sharing of this exclusive event is concealed. With friends, family, or for a special event, Fucina provides a rich brunch planned by a local chef after the careful selection of the best produce and the valuing of every ingredient’s unique flavour. In combination with food is the best expression of Sicilian winemaking. The experience might be further enriched with the help of a sommelier for a deeper knowledge of wine and the best accompaniments for the food.

Cooking class

Welcome to our historical kitchen, take a seat in front of the chef and take a note of the master’s secrets in the language of taste. Our cooking class is an experience dedicated to accommodating small groups of curious guests who wish to discover the creative transformation of regional products and learn traditional cooking techniques.
The chef of the Fucina Social Club will share his gastronomic expertise live, enhancing the taste of herbs, the aromas of the countryside and the vibrancy of ingredients.


Customised Wine Tasting & Sensorial Experience

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